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This is Jinyan,
a proactive product designer.

Enjoying designing products that influence people to be more positive and happy, as well as building impactful and achievable solutions that meet business goals.

I’m interested in psychology, customer behaviour and business strategy.

Case study
MacBook Air - 1.png

UX & UI project

Wearable Pet Product:

Value proposition exploration & Homepage design


I worked with Perro's team in discovering what could make their product stand out and building competitive design solutions with user research & business goals in mind.

  • Explored product value propositions based on the user needs and pain points

  • Developed design for key screens that focused on emphasising the unique selling points

  • Planned project scope with the client to ensure delivery on time

UX project

Reusable Drinking Bottle:

Feature exploration


I worked with members of the Ocean Bottle team in discovering opportunities in the refined user journey and redesigning part of the app based on the most recent user research.

  • Reviewed and uncovered new user needs from the existing research

  • Optimised user flow and refined project scope

  • Designed new design solutions that fit the new UX strategy



UI & UX project

Crypto Platform 'MyBricks':

Responsive website design &

simplified 'buy' flow  


Led the design from scratch to the final iteration for desktop and mobile.  

  • Researched and simplified user flow for important tasks like 'Buy' or 'Transfer' (and still secure)

  • Designed brand identity and design system 

In progress...


UI & UX project

Social App Join: App redesign 


Redesigned the Join app, a social media app that emphasises connecting people in small groups for events. 

  • Conducted usability tests of the previous app

  • Optimised user flow and information architecture

  • Redesigned the whole app

Detailed case study is coming soon...


Adam Cassidy thumbnail.jpeg

Adam Cassidy

Co-founder of Perro

Jinyan was highly professional and personable from the outset. Her proactive and highly responsive approach was essential for ensuring we completed a key work stream in advance of our fundraise. Throughout the engagement, Jinyan provided challenge to help ensure the best possible outcome for our Company.  

Sam Wlicox thumbnail.png

Sam Wlicox  

Head of Product of MyBricks

Jinyan has a great attitude towards work and actively seeks improvement. She designed MyBricks from the ground up and was very creative with the color and patterns. She always finished design jobs on time and she was very easy to work with.

Stephane thumbnail.jpeg

Stéphane Zahrai

Team member of Ocean Bottle

Jinyan is proactive and contributed more strategic ideas to the team than I expected. She took ownership of what she did and was always ready to adapt to changes. I've really enjoyed working with her.

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