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Focusing on the clarification of the impact and use it as self-drive motivation

The other opportunity & why I think it could be a good choice

There's another idea I discussed with client I want to elaborate here. It will be a more suitable idea if we are going to develop this app with 'Retention' and 'Activation' as the priority business goal:

The solution

  • The design direction can be the go-for platform to record impact could be a better solution. 

  • The concept phrase will be 'See impact, drive change'.

This design direction is aiming at forming a habit of 'Use the bottle and record impact' to increase user activation and capture and maintain loyal customer, improve 'user stickiness'.

If we are going for this design solution, I will say use 'Convenience', 'Community', add 'Clarification' as the keywords to the strategy.

The benefit of this solution:

1.The 'Clarification' is a good focal point that covers the two highlighted user pain points better. (see the picture below).

The current direction:

To be the  best refill map in the market

The concept phrase:

'Reward, drive change'.

Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 15.13.33.png

The user pain points from the user research

2. By seeing clearly and visually of the impact from the action 'refill' with their bottle, it will drive them want to see that number grow, that is how to help them to stay motivated. 

It just like some people who likes to save money and sees the number of the savings grow. In order to grow that number, they will put more money into savings whenever they can. 

3. This solution is we don't need to invest highly on the map. 

The constrains of this solution will be:

1. It requires more usability test to optimise the design before scale it.

2. It will take longer time to attract new users comparing to the strategy 'create a go-to refill map'.


Elizabeth Alli


of Perro


Alex Shevelenko

Head of Market of

Ocean Bottle

"Jinyan is proactive and contributed more strategic ideas to the team than I expected. She took ownership of what she did and was always ready to adapt to changes. She delivered on time and to spec, while also helping her colleagues when needed. I've really enjoyed working with her and I know she'll be great at whatever she does in the future!"


Adam Cassidy


of Perro

Jinyan was highly professional and personable from the outset. Her proactive and highly responsive approach was essential for ensuring we completed a key work stream in advance of our fundraise. Throughout the engagement, Jinyan provided challenge to help ensure the best possible outcome for our Company.  


Chrissa Amuah 

Head of Product
of MyBricks

"Jinyan has a great attitude towards work and actively seeks improvement. She reacts to feedback swiftly and is always seeking new skills to learn in order to deliver a higher quality product. My schedule was helped greatly by her assistance. She both took initiative and acted as a supportive, reliable part of the team."

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