Problem to solve:

Filter setting:

button didn't indicate where people are

Finished button looks the same as active button

Maybe add 'tick' icon for the one has been done.

User flow: Add this to the case study

Choose responsive design over adaptive design to save the budget.

很好展示的 UX kit

Screenshot 2020-09-29 at 07.36.26.png

Add in case-study

1. Microinteration - insert, raised effect


Microinteractions work because they appeal to the user’s natural desire for acknowledgement. When users interact with UI, they want to know that they system receives their actions. Also microinteractions can guide users on how to interact with the system

2. make animation about loading effect: gif: similar idea

3. Making icons: style with shapes

Make a gif: when you finish one section of filter setup, success animation  Layout improvement